quinta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2008

Brazilian Architect Eolo Maia

Eolo was born in January of 1942, in Ouro Preto, Brazil, where he lived until moving to Belo Horizonte in order to study architecture in 1963. He was graduated from The School of Architecture (1967), in The Federal University of Minas Gerais. He worked as civil engineer and later as an architect in the capital of his country, Brasília-DF. Éolo Maia died on 16th September 2002.


Originally conceived as Tourist Support Center, the building known as "Rainha da Sucata" nowadays houses the Minas Gerais' mineralogical permanent exposition. The project was developed to respect the scale and the typology of the buildings at Liberty Square, where it is situated. After approved by Historic Patrimony State Institution, the City Hall considered it as a special piece due to its urban and volumetric purposes that respect the surrounding buildings. The goal of the building is ludic and instructive. Its architecture is an open book from where people can get information about our culture and local materials.

Fonte site oficial eolojo.com.br

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